Beverly Hills/ RoDeo Drive

Rodeo Drive Shopping. Although it’s only three blocks long, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is easily one of the world’s most celebrated shopping locations. Often as famous for the presence of celebrities as its exclusive, top label brands—Armani, Gucci and Tiffany have outlets here—Rodeo Drive shopping is an experience unlike any other. But even if you don’t have an appointment to shop at Bijan (or the average visitor’s spending money of $100,000), a visit to Rodeo Drive can still be worth your while. Anyone with an interest in fashion should check out the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style—a sidewalk that commemorates people who have contributed to fashion, design and costume—including actors and production designers from the area’s film industry. Other sights like the street’s iconic “Torso” sculpture and the Anderton Court Center, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, are free to view. Visiting at night is also a good choice—the whole street becomes a glowing display of lights and there are fewer crowds to obstruct the view. Depending on when you visit, you can also attend special events like the vintage car show that takes place every Father’s Day.